The 2000's

Toms work concentrated mainly on the Helford with trips to Venice and France along with an exhibition of the Venice works at the Chelsea Arts Club. In 2002 he published Catching the Wave which brought the story covered in the two previous books, The Shining Sands and Painting the warmth of the Sun, up to date and into the twenty first century.  The final book Helford - A River and Some Landscapes was published in 2005 and revealed the influences of his work which were captured on his paintings of the Helford River.

In 2007 Tom and Pat moved up the hill to the hamlet of Treviades still close to the river. Tom passed away in 2009 aged 78 and is buried at Mawnan Smith church, overlooking his beloved Helford River. Pat continued to look after the collection and set up the Tom Cross archives, gifting many of his drawing books and a large painting - Thirds -  to the Falmouth University.  She organised a number of exhibitions until her eyesight became too poor.  She passed away in 2022 and is survived by her son David and his wife Carol who now look after the collection.