River Beyond the Trees

'After a further days work yesterday on the painting of Calamansac Wood, it is really no better. It is a series of parts, it is not a whole. Each time I repaint, I am able to repurpose the drawing, but then it has to a synthetic air. I must pull back and see the whole picture...it must wait to dry. Not withstanding, the painting has a certain confidence of wholeness'. (sketchbook, 1998-1999, The Tom Cross Archive, FCP3/B/1/34).

Calamansac Woods as described by Cross in 'Helford: A River and Some Landscapes' (Halsgrove 2005), p7 'It is a magic place where the river shines between the trees'.

Exhibited at:

- Tom Cross, Paintings of the Helford River, Trebah, 4-30 June 2003

- Helford, A River and Some Lansdcapes, Trelowarren, 8-22 October 2005

- Recent Paintings, Penwith Gallery, St Ives, 2000.