Catch 2 1968

Oil and acrylic on canvas.

'...these spatial paintings lead, in the more recent series 'Catch', to an examination of the three dimensional companion of the hexagon, that is to say the cube, and to an investigation of he spatial tensions that exist when a series of cubic networks are pictured in movement.' (Recent Paintings by Tom Cross, University of Sussex, Jan - Feb 1969)

From the 1971 Lightworks Exhibition catalogue 'We live in a world of horizontals and verticals, but we see them as angled shapes...these inclined shapes have a special quality, because they lie flat on a canvas and direct the eye over its surface and at the same time weave an illusion of three dimensional space. If they are held in a grid system and allow to take up their position and colour by chance, they echo the complexities of the city landscape'.

Exhibited at:

- Recent Paintings by Tom Cross, University of Sussex, 31 Jan - 21 Feb 1969.

- Paintings by Tom Cross and Alan Plummer, Didsbury College, Manchester, 12 - 31 Oct 1970

- 'Tom Cross - Paintings from the Artist's Studio', Belgrave Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall, October 2023.